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Have you been accused of committing a computer crime in the Fresno area? Then contact us here at the law office of the Fresno Criminal Attorney as soon as possible to discuss your crimes.

You can be charged with a computer crime for committing any sort of crime with the use of a computer. Such crimes carry over into many criminal categories such as assault, domestic violence, fraud and much more. The Fresno Criminal Attorney has experience representing such computer crimes such as:

Our Fresno Criminal Lawyer Will Find Flaws in the Evidence

It is not enough for the prosecution to merely trace your internet connection or your IP address. It must be proven that you did in fact commit a legally definable crime and that it was you who actually did it.

Many clients charged with computer crimes may have owned the computer that was used to commit the crime, but may not have had any knowledge that it was being used for criminal purposes. If a child downloaded illegal files onto your computer for instance, you should not be held liable for such actions.

The Fresno Criminal Attorney is an expert legal negotiator, investigator, and trial lawyer. Our legal team will investigate every aspect of your case to defend you against the allegations in your case. Being convicted of a computer crime could result in jail time as well as expensive fines. Give yourself the best shot at freedom by appointing an aggressive and experienced attorney.

Contact our criminal defense law firm today to discuss your case with the Fresno Criminal Attorney today.