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Fresno White Collar Crime Lawyer

White collar crimes have received an increased amount of public attention in recent years.

These cases typically involve high-powered executives or government officials committing some sort of financial fraud. These crimes include embezzlement (employee theft), ponzi schemes, banking fraud, credit card fraud, identity theft, money laundering, bribery, piracy, and much more.

If you or your loved one has been accused of a white collar crime, contact our law office to speak with a Fresno criminal lawyer as soon as possible. 

A mere accusation for a white collar crime can destroy a person’s career—it is critical that you appoint an lawyer to your case as soon as possible. It is a dire mistake to try to deal with your accusers or law enforcement officials on your own without a lawyer that understands the nuances of financial crimes.

Some white collar crimes will be charged as felonies that can result in state prison time.   Our legal team attempts to keep every client out of jail or prison.  Clients with no criminal history are at a serious advantage in getting the amount of their incarceration decreased or eliminated from their sentence all together.

Our team of Fresno criminal lawyers will attack the validity of the charges against you, attempt to get evidence thrown out of court, and get your charges either dismissed or reduced.  If you are facing a criminal charge for a white collar crime, contact our law office today for an immediate consultation.