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Embezzlement is a type of fraudulent committed by an employee of a business. It is legally considered a theft crime and is prosecuted as such. If you have been arrested for embezzlement or are under investigation for an embezzlement crime in the Fresno area, contact us here at the law office of the Fresno Criminal Attorney immediately.

Embezzlement cases vary in gravity depending of the details in the case. An embezzlement charge can be a misdemeanor or a felony.

Our Fresno Criminal Attorney can help determine the severity of your legal cas

A client that got caught stealing a top from the storeroom is not going to receive the same amount of punishment as an executive who stole thousands of dollars from a business account. More serious crimes such as credit card fraud or stealing large amounts of money could result in being charged with a felony crime, for which a prison sentence will more than likely be ordered.

It is important that you contact the Fresno Criminal Lawyer as soon as you are arrested or know that you are under investigation to contain the damage to your reputation.

The Fresno Criminal Attorney is an expert legal negotiator, investigator, and trial lawyer. Our legal team will investigate every aspect of your case to defend you against the allegations in your case. Being convicted for embezzlement could result in jail time as well as expensive fines. Give yourself the best shot at freedom by appointing an aggressive and experienced attorney.

Contact our criminal defense law firm today to discuss your case with the Fresno Criminal Attorney today.