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Parole Violations

Parole is a good faith effort on the part of the courts to allow convicted offenders to be released back into the community, albeit under strict supervision. California parolees must follow certain standards of behavior and meet any requirements in the terms of their parole. Any type of parole violation could put an offender back in prison.

If you or someone you know has been arrested for a violation of parole, contact us here at the law office of the Fresno Criminal Attorney as soon as possible.

Our Fresno Criminal Lawyer Handles Cases Involving:

If you know that you have violated any of the terms of your parole, you need to consult with a Fresno criminal defense attorney immediately. The Fresno Criminal Attorney will be able to quickly form a plan of action to defend your case against a court that will probably attempt to put you back in prison.

The maximum sentence a parolee can be given for a parole violation is 1 year in state prison. However if the parole violation was another crime, you will be sentenced to the time for that crime in addition to the 1-year punishment for the parole violation.

With these stakes, don’t trust just any criminal attorney. The Fresno Criminal Attorney has worked with parole cases successfully for many years. If you have been charged with a parole violation, we can help. Contact our office immediately to discuss your case today.