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Juvenile Crime

When our children get into legal trouble, it is important to appoint an attorney to their case to help them be accountable for their crimes, but also to protect their fragile futures.

At the law office of the Fresno Criminal Attorney, we have been defending juveniles and young adults for many years against crimes such as:

Juveniles commit crimes in every criminal category just as adults do; however in their case, they can be dealt with in the juvenile courts and sentenced to jail alternatives rather than be put in jail.

Our Fresno Criminal Lawyer Provides Skilled Defense

Most delinquent type crimes such as getting into a fight or defacing property may be sentenced to probation, ordered to pay a fine, and complete a certain amount of hours of community service. An older person guilty of the same crime could find him or herself in jail.

It is possible for juveniles to be detained or put in jail if their crime concerns more serious matters such as drugs or extreme violence, but the Fresno Criminal Attorney will always urge a judge to order rehabilitative measures in lieu of jail time.

If you are a parent or guardian with a child in trouble with the law, contact us here at the law office of the Fresno Criminal Attorney to hear how we can help your case.