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The Fresno Criminal Lawyer provides expert criminal defense for clients that have found themselves in legal trouble.

If you or your loved one has been arrested for a crime in the surrounding Fresno area, the Fresno Criminal Attorney may be able to help your case. Our firm can represent any type of criminal case including but not limited to:

Even if you are only facing a misdemeanor offense, you should strongly consider appointing a Fresno based criminal defense lawyer to your case. Just merely being accused of any one of these crimes could be completely life changing. A conviction for even just a misdemeanor crime will open up a criminal record—you would have to tell employers that you have been convicted of a crime.

The Fresno Criminal Attorney is an expert legal negotiator, investigator, and trial lawyer. Our legal team will investigate every aspect of your case to defend you against the allegations in your case. Being convicted for a crime could result in jail time as well as expensive fines. Give yourself the best shot at freedom by appointing an aggressive and experienced attorney.

Contact our criminal defense law firm today to discuss your case with the Fresno Criminal Attorney today.