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Have you been charged with a felony crime? Then you need the expert legal skills of the Fresno Criminal Attorney to assist your case.

You can be charged with a felony crime when the details of the crime are so serious that prison time is seen as an appropriate punishment.

Getting into a verbal altercation is obviously not equivalent to beating someone with a bat—the latter situation may possibly get you charged with a felony. In a similar vein, getting caught trafficking millions of dollars worth of marijuana is not equivalent to being found with drug parapharnelia.

No matter what type of felony crime you have been accused of, the Bakersfield Criminal Attorney has the skills and the experience necessary to successfully defend your case. It is important that you contact the Bakersfield Criminal Attorney as soon as you are arrested or know that you are under investigation to contain the damage to your reputation.

Our Fresno Criminal Lawyer Thouroughly Investigates

The Fresno Criminal Attorney is an expert legal negotiator, investigator, and trial lawyer. Our legal team will investigate every aspect of your case to defend you against the allegations in your case. Being convicted for a felony crime could result in decades of prison time as well as expensive fines. Give yourself the best shot at freedom by appointing an aggressive and experienced attorney.

Appoint an aggressive and experienced attorney by calling the criminal defense law firm of the Bakersfield Criminal Attorney today.