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Robbery is any act of unlawful theft paired with the use of violence or the threat of violence. If you or someone you love is facing a robbery charge contact the law office of the Fresno Criminal Attorney immediately to review your case. 

Robbery is a form of theft, but it is prosecuted as a violent crime and is automatically charged as a felony in the state of California. Even if an offender didn’t physically touch the alleged victim, brandishing a weapon such as a knife or a gun or making a verbal threat during the act is enough to result in a robbery charge.

There are two types of robbery recognized by California state law: first-degree robbery and second-degree robbery. 

First-degree robbery is any robbery committed within a building, vessel, or trailer. Second-degree robbery is any other form of robbery.

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If there was a weapon found at the scene of the crime, the accused could be charged with armed robbery and/or an illegal weapons charge if the weapon was unlawfully obtained.

The Fresno Criminal Attorney is an advocate for every client.  Even if you have been arrested for a robbery crime, you still have rights.  Protect those rights by choosing an attorney that will aggressively defend you. 

If you are facing a robbery charge, contact us here at the law office of the Fresno Criminal Attorney for an immediate consultation.