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Lawyer for DUI With A Minor In A Vehicle In Fresno

Being arrested for DUI is a very scary experience, perhaps even more so for an individual arrested while a minor child is with them in their vehicle.  Parents, relatives, or even just family friends are typically terrified of what will happen to the child immediately after their arrest, as well as how their court case will be handled.  If this sounds like your case, what you need now is a Fresno criminal lawyer.

Having a minor child in the car at the scene of a DUI stop will mean that the offender will face additional punishment if a conviction is reached.  The key to your case is defeating your DUI charges to prove that you were not in fact drinking and driving, and therefore you were also not endangering others on the road in addition to the child in your car.

Our Fresno Criminal Attorney works quickly in cases like these to begin crafting an expert defense.  Even if you took a BAC test that “proved” your drunkenness, this does not mean that a conviction in your case is guaranteed.

Here at the law office of the Fresno Criminal Attorney, we have been successfully representing DUI cases in the Fresno area for many years. Our firm can represent you at through both your criminal and DMV case. If child protection authorities wish to get involved due to the nature of your case, we can help you through this investigation too. Contact our office today to hear more about what we can do for your DUI case.