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Fresno Drug Crime Lawyer

Are you facing charges for a drug crime in the Fresno area? Then contact us here at the law office of the Fresno Criminal Attorney immediately to begin discussions about the defense for your case.

Drug crime cases take many forms such as possession of actual drugs, paraphernalia, drug manufacturing, and more.  Some of these crimes are minor misdemeanors if concerning very small amounts of drugs like marijuana.  However a drug case can quickly become a felony or even a federal crime during the investigation.

Our Fresno Criminal Attorney Provides Quality Professional Legal Advice

How your drug case will be charged depends heavily on the following factors:

The Fresno Criminal Attorney can try to get any drug charges reduced in order to minimize the amount of imprisonment a client faces.

When you are facing a charge for a drug crime, it is vital to appoint a knowledgeable criminal attorney that has experience handling both felony and misdemeanor cases.  At the law office of the Fresno Criminal Attorney, our team works quickly and aggressively to help our clients defend their reputations and their criminal record.

If you have been charged for a drug crime, the Fresno Criminal Attorney can help.  Contact our criminal defense firm today for an immediate consultation.